Child health outcome review programme

Carried out by: NCEPOD

Programme overview

The programme will use both data linkage and case note review to build on the work of previous child health confidential enquiries which have highlighted a number of issues, in particular that children with chronic conditions, principally neurological comprise the majority of deaths in children over 1 year. In addition there has been no decline in injury deaths due to intentional injuries in 10-18 year olds in any UK country since 1980.
The Child Health Clinical Outcome Review Programme will examine two topics; chronic neurodisability and adolescent mental health and will  focus on three key areas within both topics; the interface between different care settings for example primary and secondary care and health and social care; the quality of care provision, and transition between children and adult services across in children with serious illness as well as those that have died.
Governance to the programme will be provided through the Child Health Clinical Outcome Review Programme Independent Advisory Group which includes representatives of all the funding bodies, together with input from children and young people's representatives and individuals with academic and clinical expertise in child health. 
The three year programme is delivered by National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) in collaboration with The University of Cardiff.
The initial child health enquiry was undertaken by CEMACH in 2006 and the subsequent report ‘Why Children Die' was published in 2008. The Child Health Clinical Outcome Review Programme was re-commissioned in 2010 and in 2011 the contract was awarded to The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. They subsequently published two reports in 2013 under their Child Health Review (CHR-UK) project, available via the search database at the foot of this page

CMACE / CEMACH reports page

Overview of child deaths in the four UK countries (pdf, pub Sept '13) >
Coordinating Epilepsy Care: a UK-wide review of healthcare in cases of mortality and prolonged seizures in children and young people with epilepsies (pdf, pub Sept 2013)

Independent Advisory Group for the the Child Health Programme
As the commissioner for this programme on behalf of the funding bodies, HQIP will be guided by an Independent Advisory Group on topic selection for the programme as well as progress and programme outputs.

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Tina Strack

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