The Clinical Outcome Review Programmes

Child death review database

The project is designed to specify the key elements required to develop a ‘national' database for England and Scotland to collect information from the Child Death Reviews which are carried out in England by Child Death Overview Panels (CDOPs) and from the Child Death Review process which is currently being developed in Scotland.

Child head injury project

Traumatic head injury is amongst the most common cause of morbidity, mortality, disability and lost years of productive life in children. In 2009 The Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE) collected data on approximately 6,000 children who attended hospital with head injury in England, Wales, Northern Island, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. This was part of The Confidential Enquiry into Head Injury in Childhood.

Child health outcome review programme

The programme will use both data linkage and case note review to build on the work of previous child health confidential enquiries which have highlighted a number of issues, in particular that children with chronic conditions, principally neurological comprise the majority of deaths in children over 1 year.

Learning disability mortality review programme

The  programme has been set up to drive improvement in the quality of health and social care service delivery for people with learning disabilities (LD) by looking at why people with learning disabilities typically die much earlier than average.

Maternal, newborn & infant outcome review programme

The programme investigates deaths of women and babies during or after childbirth, and cases where women and  babies survive serious illness during pregnancy or after childbirth. The aim is to identify avoidable illness and deaths so lessons learned can be used to prevent future cases.

Medical and surgical outcome review programme

The medical and surgical programme sees two themed reviews undertaken per contract period, reviewing the quality of care received by patients in hospital

Mental health outcome review programme: suicide and homicide

As part of its core work the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide Inquiry examines suicide, and homicide committed by people who had been in contact with secondary and specialist mental health services in the previous 12 months. It also examines the deaths of psychiatric inpatients which were sudden and unexplained.

National mortality case record review programme

Programme page for the National mortality case record review programme, detailing scoping, development and procurement, plus contact details, presentations, meeting minutes and other publications