National Clinical Audits for inclusion in Quality Accounts

This page provides information to help providers supply their Quality Accounts report. All health service providers have to submit an annual Quality Accounts report about the quality of their services.

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Quality Accounts list

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Changes log

Sometimes information about the audits and enquiries is updated.  To help you understand any updates and see when changes have been made, we keep a change log.


Completing your 2014/15 Quality Account

What audits and enquiries should be reported?

Please see the Quality Accounts Resource for the list of audits and enquiries to be reported in your 2014/15 Quality Accounts. 

The Resource includes information about QA requirements from 2010-15, so you may wish to filter the list to show only the audits required for your 2014/15 accounts.

For further help and advice, please see:


Preparing for your 2015/16 Quality Account

The list of national clinical audits and clinical outcome review programmes to be included in Quality Accounts (QA) 2015/16 will be published on 19 December 2014.  The list will be published in our Quality Accounts Resource, and in excel and word formats.

HQIP publishes the QA list on our website on behalf of NHS England. Together we map all national clinical audits and clinical outcome review programmes in England to inform the content of the QA list. 

The 2015/16 QA list will be more detailed than ever. Following feedback from local audit departments, it will now include information about:

  • Each work stream within an audit programme
  • The cost of participating in an audit
  • The last report published
  • When the next report is due
  • Whether private organisations can participate

NEW: Information for national clinical audit providers

HQIP are currently scoping all national clinical audit and clinical outcome review programmes in England, in preparation for the 2015/16 Quality Accounts list, as requested by NHS England.  The final list will contain all audits that Trusts are required to report in their annual Quality Accounts.

If you run a national clinical audit, please complete this brief online survey by 14 November 2014. 

This will ensure that your audit is considered for inclusion in the Quality Accounts (QA) 2015/16 list, if appropriate.  Being included in the QA list is good for your audit, as many Trusts prioritise participation using this list.

There is a slight change to the way we are collecting information about your audit this year.  If you have more than one work stream you can either fill out the survey with information for your audit programme as a whole (as in previous years), or you can fill in one survey for each work stream. HQIP would recommend filling in a separate survey for each audit work steam. This has been requested by local clinical audit teams, and will help the teams plan their data collection schedule across all your audit work streams, resulting in a better participation rate and more impact.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Coverage: intention to achieve participation by all relevant providers in England
  2. Data collected on individual patients
  3. Provides comparisons of providers
  4. Recruiting patients during the current financial year.
If your audit is not eligible for inclusion on the Quality Accounts list, it will still be included in HQIP's QA resource, which contains information on all known audits running in England. 


Further information on Quality Accounts

Quality Accounts is a process governed and managed by NHS England - independent of the work carried out and promoted by HQIP. However, as many of the national clinical audits included in the Quality Accounts process form part of the NCAPOP programme (managed by HQIP), and because HQIP has a wider remit to promote healthcare quality improvement in general, we collate the latest information.

HQIP's Quality Accounts Resource tracks audits included in the 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 quality accounts. This is available in Google Drive format and a downloadable Excel 'backup' for those who are unable to access Google Drive. This document also includes links to the project website and latest published reports. 

If you have any comments about what you would find useful to further support your quality accounts work, please let us know.


Previous Quality Accounts information

For information and reference, please see the list below of previous HQIP quality accounts pages:



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