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NCAs for inclusion in Quality Accounts 2011-2012

NCAs for inclusion in Quality Accounts 2011-2012

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Criteria for inclusion

  • Coverage: intention to achieve participation by all relevant providers in England.
  • Data collected on individual patients
  • Provides comparisons of providers
  • Recruiting patients during 2011-12
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NCAs meeting inclusion criteria

Peri-and Neo-natal

Perinatal mortality (MBRRACE-UK)

Neonatal intensive and special care (NNAP)


Paediatric pneumonia (British Thoracic Society)

Paediatric asthma (British Thoracic Society)

Pain management (College of Emergency Medicine)

Childhood epilepsy (RCPH National Childhood Epilepsy Audit)*

Paediatric intensive care (PICANet)*

Paediatric cardiac surgery (NICOR Congenital Heart Disease Audit)

Diabetes (RCPH National Paediatric Diabetes Audit)*

Acute care

Emergency use of oxygen (British Thoracic Society)

Adult community acquired pneumonia (British Thoracic Society)

Non invasive ventilation -adults (British Thoracic Society)

Pleural procedures (British Thoracic Society)

Cardiac arrest (National Cardiac Arrest Audit)

Severe sepsis & septic shock (College of Emergency Medicine)

Adult critical care (Case Mix Programme - ICNARC)

Potential donor audit (NHS Blood & Transplant)

Seizure management (National Audit of Seizure Management)

Long term conditions

Diabetes (National Adult Diabetes Audit)*

Heavy menstrual bleeding (RCOG National Audit of HMB)*

Chronic pain (National Pain Audit)*

Ulcerative colitis & Crohn's disease (UK IBD Audit)*

Parkinson's disease (National Parkinson's Audit)

Adult asthma (British Thoracic Society)

Bronchiectasis (British Thoracic Society)

Elective procedures

Hip, knee and ankle replacements (National Joint Registry)*

Elective surgery (National PROMs Programme)

Intra-thoracic transplantation (NHSBT UK Transplant Registry)

Liver transplantation (NHSBT UK Transplant Registry)

Coronary angioplasty (NICOR Adult cardiac interventions audit)*

Peripheral vascular surgery (VSGBI Vascular Surgery Database)

Carotid interventions (Carotid Intervention Audit)*

CABG and valvular surgery (Adult cardiac surgery audit)*

Cardiovascular disease

Acute Myocardial Infarction & other ACS (MINAP)*

Heart failure (Heart Failure Audit)*

Acute stroke (SINAP)*

Cardiac arrhythmia (Cardiac Rhythm Management Audit)*

Renal disease

Renal replacement therapy (Renal Registry)

Renal transplantation (NHSBT UK Transplant Registry)


Lung cancer (National Lung Cancer Audit)*

Bowel cancer (National Bowel Cancer Audit Programme)*

Head & neck cancer (DAHNO)*

Oesophago-gastric cancer (National O-G Cancer Audit)*


Hip fracture (National Hip Fracture Database)*

Severe trauma (Trauma Audit & Research Network)

Psychological conditions

Prescribing in mental health services (POMH)

Schizophrenia (National Schizophrenia Audit)*

Blood transfusion

Bedside transfusion (National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion)

Medical use of blood (National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion)

Health promotion

Risk factors (National Health Promotion in Hospitals Audit)

End of life

Care of dying in hospital (NCDAH)


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