Welcome to NCAF: the professional forum for everbody involved with clinical audit.

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NCAF allows you to make contacts, join groups and networks, consult and be consulted, communicate news, post and review documents, and share ideas about clinical audit and quality improvement - whether you are a clinician, audit manager, patient representative, manager, commissioner or executive.

Users can set-up profiles based on their roles, interests, specialties and regions. These fields are also searchable, so you can find others in a similar role, region or with the same interests.

Elsewhere, NCAF features:

  • Document Library: where you can upload, read and comment on relevant documents
  • Events Calendar: find out what's going on where, as well as create and promote your own events
  • Job Board: where users can highlight vacancies in their organisation or look for opportunities
  • Announcements Section: to keep you up to date with any announcements from HQIP and other users


The main aim of NCAF is networking and sharing good practice. The best way to do this by creating, operating and participating in groups or networks.

NCAF will only succeed if users are active, entering material and joining discussions, and we recognise that users will do this only if it is useful to them. Therefore we welcome feedback on the site, and this should be directed to

NB : Please note that live data, such as run audits, as well as any patient identifiable data, should not, under any circumstances, be posted on the site.

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