NCAF to be taken offline August 2015

31 July 2015

As part of HQIP's migration to a new website this September, the National Clinical Audit Forum (NCAF) will be taken offline next month (25 August 2015).

Users are kindly asked to remove any content they wish to keep by 5pm Tuesday 25 August, after which time all information will be securely deleted.

Other online healthcare networking portals offer similar services and HQIP suggests NCAF users consider NHS Networks, where users can join existing networks or establish new ones. Users and groups which include those outside the NHS, can consider the Clinical Audit Support Centre's Clinical Audit Tools site or services such as Yammer.

Members of the regional clinical audit networks should note that information is now available on the NQICAN website.

For individual online peer networking, HQIP highly recommends CHAIN where you are also able to join sub-groups including 'clinical audit' and 'quality improvement'.


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