International links

HQIP is always keen to share its work on clinical audit and other areas of quality improvement with international colleagues. We are proactive in engaging with colleagues working on similar ideas in other countries.

HQIP has good links with those working on clinical audit in Europe, partly through the European Society for Quality in Healthcare (ESHQ), of which it is an associate member and is represented on the executive group; and through ISQUA, the International Society for Quality, in which HQIP staff have individual membership.

In April 2012 HQIP hosted a major conference in partnership with ESQH on the development of registries in Europe - further details can be found here.

HQIP also welcomes international visitors.  Previously, we have welcomed visitors from Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and several from the Russian Federation and China.

Some of our resources have been translated into several languages, including an Italian translation of HQIP's ‘Criteria of Best Practice in Clinical Audit (pdf)'. The move was prompted by growing interest in clinical audit in Italy and the translation was produced by the Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria di Ferrara (University Hospital of Ferrara) under licence from HQIP.


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