HQIP open CAI Conference: Audit key to improving quality in the NHS

7 February 2012

"Audit data is the best data there is to measure and improve real quality in the NHS.  Audit is not optional, it is a statutory and moral argument to support and deliver real change in quality of patient care" said HQIP Chief Executive Robin Burgess, who opened the Clinical Audit and Improvement Conference this morning.  "I am particularly pleased to see so many professionals here today to discuss the national agenda, share knowledge and experience".

"As the Department of Health have made clear, audit is central to a range of broader healthcare strategies. However, the national agenda is not without its challenges, not least the importance of sustained and growing partnerships needed with clinical audit professionals at all levels. Clinical audit staff are key to the future development and achievement of the national audit programme through outcomes.  It is vital that Trust boards don't make false economies to the capacity of their teams to operate a clinical audit programme" Burgess continued.

"As part of its work to support these changes, HQIP will very shortly open a consultation on a document which sets out essential criteria and principles for national clinical audits.  We hope as many of you will take part as possible" Burgess concluded.

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The conference, organised by Healthcare Conferences UK, has been supported by HQIP and will take place over 7-8 February 2012 at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London. 

As part of the programme, HQIP is running its first masterclass in social care. The session - facilitated by HQIP Chief Executive Robin Burgess and Eve Riley Development Officer - will focus on developing a quality framework for social care that incorporates clinical audit and improvement.  The workshop will feature presentations and interactive discussions using case study examples and HQIP practical guidance in order to give attendees the opportunity to discuss the future scope and development of clinical audit within social care.

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