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Curricula and standards for education in clinical audit

HQIP believes that the application of these standards for clinical audit learning and development programmes can provide assurance to:

  • Training providers - that their clinical audit learning and development programmes will meet the needs of sponsoring employers and organisations
  • Potential learners - as a way of checking that prospective programmes meet their learning needs in clinical audit
  • Commissioners - that the clinical audit programmes they commission meet a recognised level
  • Organisations and managers - as a way of checking that clinical audit training meets the needs of their staff and organisation

The standards could also be used by:

  • Academic institutions - as a means to assess the quality of proposed programmes and courses alongside their pre-existing accreditation and quality assurance processes
  • Accreditation bodies - who may wish to incorporate these standards into their existing quality assurance arrangements.
Clinical audit job descriptions, person specifications and KSF outlines: analysis
This section includes results of HQIP's detailed analysis into job descriptions and Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) outlines for clinical audit staff. The study forms part of a project to develop job descriptions and KSF outlines for clinical audit staff. For this HQIP commissioned Healthcare Quality Quest (HQQ) to carry out a review of published job descriptions of clinical audit staff working in the NHS and other relevant organisations. This body of material enables local staff and their managers to review posts and ensure their staff’s roles align to common practice UK wide. Professional body for quality improvement consultation results

The project was part of HQIP's wider objective of championing professionalisation for quality improvement staff in health and social care. We conducted a review of audit and QI staff in the autumn of 2011 to determine the degree of interest in creating a professional body to represent audit staff. Broadly, the results show that while there is some support for the move, it is not currently deemed appropriate and also would not currently be viable - due in some part to respondents being either unable or unwilling to commit the funds necessary to support such a project.

HQIP commissioned the Social Care Association (SCA) to carry out the consultation, which worked with the Professional Association Research Network (PARN) to gather and assess the results. Some 273 questionnaires were completed between October and December 2011 alongside interviews and focus groups, including speaking with eleven clinical audit networks and their attending members.

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