'Assessing quality in national clinical audit' guidance goes live

4 October 2011

In response to current debate as to agreement about what are the markers of quality in a national audit, HQIP has created new guidance entitled ‘Assessing and improving quality in national clinical audits’.

See ‘Assessing and improving quality in national clinical audits’ >>

The move comes ahead of scheduled work between HQIP and the Department of Health on the subject.

“Everyone – whether patient, audit specialist, clinician, manager, commissioner, researcher or national policy maker – has their own perception of what makes for quality,” said HQIP Chief Executive Robin Burgess.

“For some it’s the degree to which an audit drives real change in clinical practice and better patient outcomes, which is very much HQIP’s view. Others emphasise the methodological rigour of the audit, which we also support strongly, and this gives it value for long term outcomes monitoring and research. A national audit has to be good in various dimensions to please all its stakeholders.

“This is an area of work HQIP will be working on with the Department of Health in the near future, but to help this work along we have written this review of key features of quality from the many stakeholders’ perspectives. It should be of value to those who run national audits, but also to those thinking out participating, where they have choice to do so.”



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