Accounts and reports

HQIP's strategic focus

Our work focuses on the following key strategic areas:

  • Managing and improving the national clinical audit programme in England and Wales
  • Improving quality improvement expertise through training and resources
  • Building clinical audit and related programmes into commissioning, regulation and revalidation processes
  • Helping shape and form policy around quality improvement
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HQIP Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Please find below the minutes from the most recent HQIP AGM:

Within the minutes you will find the presentations given at the event held on 17 October 2014.

Our accounts
Our statutory trustee reports and accounts for the Charities Commission and Companies House, once financial audit is complete, can be found below:

Stakeholder surveys

HQIP position papers 

Strategic and annual business plans/reviews prior to 2012

Our 2008-11 strategic plan set out in detail the vision of how HQIP would discharge the first three years of our contract in relation to clinical audit.

Activity in 2011-12 and 2012-13 is covered by annual business plans.

See the links below to reviews of HQIP activity:
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